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June 2011

In this June issue:

  • Investing in your home
  • Sensible remodeling
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For most of us our home is the most valuable asset that we have. We hope that over time it will increase in value and allow us to feel like we have invested well. When the housing crisis hit we started to doubt our investment would sustain. I still believe that owning your home and taking pride in that ownership is a good investment.

In order to make sure our homes continue to be a good investment we need to maintain them. It is still possible to build equity in your home. It may just take longer to get a return on the upgrades that you do. If you are planning to sell your home in the next 2 years it may not make sense to do a $100,000 kitchen remodel. But, if you plan to stay in your house for at least 5 more years then it does make sense to spend a little more money to get a remodel that you will enjoy and will help increase the value of your home.


Band-aids are not always the answer. Often times our knee jerk reaction is to fix a problem "for now." I believe that it makes sense to do things right the first time. It's disappointing to look back and feel like you wasted money on a project that you have to redo because of poor planning. If you can't afford to do it right the first time wait until you can. It doesn't make sense to spend $3000 refinishing a room to "make it work for now" when what you really want to do it tear out the walls and reconfigure the space. You should hold off until you can afford to tear out the walls. Otherwise that $3000 is wasted.

If you are planning a remodel that you want to do now but there are aspects that would be included in future work, I suggest you have an architect plan the work for the entire project so that you can plan ahead. For instance, if you are planning a kitchen remodel and intend to do a dormer off the second floor in the future, you should have drawings for both projects. That way you can plan structural, plumbing, and electrical changes accordingly. This could save having to open up the walls of your new kitchen when you do the dormer.


I have recently come across a few great web sites that have inspired me that I would like to pass along. These are great tool for helping you decide on a “look” that you want to incorporate into your next project. Enjoy!

Design Milk




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