May 2012 Newsletter :: Red Rooster Remodeling
Red Rooster Remodeling Newsletter

May 2012

In this May issue:

  • Recent project
  • New Website design
  • Facebook page
  • Project Financing


The photos in this issue of the Red Rooster Newsletter are from a sunken patio that we built last fall. The home is in North Portland in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. The backyard entertainment spot originally was an elevated deck. The homeowner wanted to have a little more privacy and the deck gave him "the feeling of being on stage." We designed the planter box on one side so he can grow bamboo and other privacy plants to create a barrier on one side of the pathway that runs between the house and the patio. Having the planter box on that end allows you to have a nice view of the rest of the yard and gardens while seated in the sunken area of the patio.


We are very excited about our new web page design. There are several new features. We have added a section for real estate agents. If you or anyone you know is thinking of buying or selling a house check out our list. This list is comprised of people that I know and trust and recommend. We have also reorganized the portfolio section. We hope that you will peruse the new sections and look at the latest photos.


We hope that you will take a look at our Facebook page and add us as a friend, if you haven't already. We are excited to use this vehicle to keep you up to date on what we are working on and give you notice to anything happening in the remodeling world that may benefit you.


I recently became aware of an interesting option for financing your smaller projects. This financing is offered through Banner Bank. Banner Bank is a small, local to the Northwest, financial institution.

They have a great financing option for projects between $500-$15,000. This program is great for homeowners that need small repairs, maybe a new roof or for any other small projects that they need done but may not want to empty their savings account for. The funds can be used for anything that is attached to the home. For instance you can finance a new furnace, windows, doors, etc. However, appliances are not covered in this plan.

Umpqua Bank also offers a similar product if you are doing energy upgrades and are using a contractor in the Energy Trust Trade Ally network. Which fortunately Red Rooster Remodeling is a member of. You can find more information on available funds and the qualification process on their website. This program is called Green Street Lending.

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