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Red Rooster Remodeling Newsletter

April 2011

In this April issue:

  • Spring Clean Up
  • Spring Maintenance


Wow! This has been one dark rainy spring.

I know that I am definitely ready for some sun! One great way to boost your energy is to rid your space of all that unwanted and unneeded clutter. This will help you create a much less chaotic home and may also motivate you for bigger projects.

Most neighborhoods have a day and place set up so that you can easily take your unwanted stuff all to one location. This makes it very convenient to purge all that clutter in one trip. You know you have that pile of stuff that goes to Goodwill and the other pile that is too large to fit in you curbside recycling bin and of course all those pesky batteries that have a special hazardous quality.

The best part about cleaning out the basement is the extra room you will have to convert into a comfortable living space to hang out in when the summer heat does finally arrive.

Be sure to check out our website for some great examples of basement remodels. If you need help creating a vision for your space you can always enlist some help from one of the folks on our list of architects and designers.


Don't forget to gather your receipts from 2011 remodeling projects to apply for your tax credits and deductions.

Now is the time to take a walk around the outside of your house and kick its tires, so to speak. It has been an extremely wet winter and spring so you want to make sure that nothing has been damaged during the past several months. This is the perfect time to get those gutters and roofs cleaned, check the facia and trim boards around the gutters and make sure that the water is all draining away from the foundation.

These are all minor repairs, unless you let them go, then they become massive repairs. Maintenance is the key to keeping repair costs down.

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