February 2011 Newsletter :: Red Rooster Remodeling
Red Rooster Remodeling Newsletter

February 2011

In this February issue:

  • Get the ball rolling: Reminders
  • Insulation: Energy Trust benefits


Time has gotten away from me this past month! It is hard to believe that spring is almost here! Before you know it, the flowers will be blooming and summer will be right around the corner. Which leads me to my first reason for this issue. Don’t procrastinate. I want to remind you all not to wait until the last minute to get your projects started. It takes a lot of forethought to get a project in motion. If you are considering home remodeling this year you should be consulting with a designer or architect now. Here is the link to our favorite people to help you design your dream kitchen, master bath or rumpus room.


It certainly has been cold these past few days. If you are feeling the chill in the air even though you have the heat cranked up and are buried under a pile of blankets on the couch, you may need to upgrade your home’s insulation. We love our old Portland homes for their unique style and architecture. However, the early 1900’s was not a time for building energy efficient homes. Most older homes have not been properly insulated. There is a science to sealing off the air gaps, insulating the walls and ceiling, and allowing the proper ventilation to make it all work together. The majority of our homes’ heat loss is through the attic. The attic is also where hot air from outside gets trapped, in the summer. Insulating can reduce heat loss in the winter months and keep the heat out in the summer months.

Energy Trust has a great incentive for insulating your homes using an Energy Trust Ally to do the work, which Red Rooster Remodeling is.

The incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon for insulating are currently $ .30/ square foot for walls and $ .25 for attic insulation. These prices are of course not to exceed the cost of the project.

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