January 2011 Newsletter :: Red Rooster Remodeling
Red Rooster Remodeling Newsletter

January 2011

In this January issue:

  • A look at the year ahead
  • New tax credit information
  • Reasons it pays to invest in your home


Wow January is already half over! Are you thinking of home remodeling projects for the upcoming year? Maybe you have been thinking of doing a kitchen remodel or a basement remodel? It is never too early to start the planning process. Many people think about doing a basement remodel during those few sweltering days we get in late August. But you should really be thinking about that now. You need a plan and time to execute that plan.

Maybe you are considering a kitchen remodel for the summer, but you haven’t talked to a designer or architect yet. Well, let us give you a little tip: Everyone else is procrastinating! If you start now with a call to a designer or architect, you could have your plan done in time to execute it this summer. But, if you wait until May to talk to your designer or architect then you just might have to wait in line. And, instead of an early or mid-summer project, it is possible you will end up with a late fall project. If you would like to have a nice, comfortable place to hide when it is way too hot outside for us Oregonians, then now is the time to start your planning process!

Red Rooster Remodeling has a list of fabulous architects and designers that we recommend.


Unfortunately, the Federal tax credits of 2009 & 2010 are long gone. But there are some funds available to help lessen the cost of energy upgrades. The Federal tax credit plan has reverted back to the rates prior to the Stimulus Act. You are allowed a once in a lifetime credit of 10% of eligible costs up to $500. In other words you can get $500 back on a $5000 purchase of windows, doors, insulation etc. For more information go to the Energy Star website.

And, don’t forget the Oregon tax incentives and Energy Trust Rebates!

There are many reasons to invest in your home, even in this economy!

Many people are still afraid of investing in their home in today’s housing market. One thing to remember is that you are the one currently living in and enjoying your home. We should remodel for ourselves not for the next owner. Of course we want to increase the value of our homes but we also want to enjoy them while we are living in them.

Some logical reasons to remodel now:

  • Funding is easily accessible and cheap: Banks are lending at record low rates.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades will cut your energy bills: New windows and doors keep the heat and cool air in.
  • Remodeling is still less expensive than buying a larger house to fit your needs: Think about doing a basement remodel or attic remodel to gain space.
  • Add value to your home: Even if you plan to sell when the market comes back, you will have an advantage if you have a newer kitchen and bath.
  • Quality of life: Enjoy the new space or remodeled kitchen yourself.

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