Amy Frye, owner and founder of
Red Rooster Remodeling

Amy has over twelve years of experience as a professional contractor. Amy first discovered her passion and talent for carpentry while remodeling her own home. She enjoys the creative aspects of the trade. After more than a decade and many remodels later, Amy still loves her job and considers herself fortunate to get to do work that she enjoys.

Red Rooster Remodeling has close working relationships with many of Portland's most talented trades people. Together we create environments for our clients that they can enjoy for years. It is extremely important to us to make the spaces we create and transform the most comfortable they can be, aesthetically, functionally and environmentally. We use sustainable practices like recycling, using formaldehyde-free materials and low VOC paints, just to name a few. We are extremely proud of the work we do.

Amy lives in Northeast Portland with her boxer, Iggy and her cat, Blue.